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A place to meet, share and have a good time.

Moms-in-Film hosts bi-monthly meetings in New York City and Los Angeles.
You can bring your kids.

At some of these meet-ups, we'll hold informal Q&A sessions with successful mom-filmmakers, who will tell us how it's done. (The answer? They never shower, eat, or sleep.)

We also host informal sharing opportunities for your works-in-progress (rough cuts, screenplays, pitches). We're gentle with our feedback, because bullying is bad.

Our Mission
We energize the careers of mothers in film and television by providing community, funding and advocacy. We stand up for gender equality and fight for a more diverse industry.

We show up for each other (invite us to your screenings!)

We hire each other (use us to find your cast and crew.)

We say please and thank you, because we're moms.

We think dads are great. We welcome parents and carers of all ages and gender identities.

It's a good place for job postings (hire other moms!)

...and to find parents who are willing to share the cost of a babysitter
or who will watch your kids while you work (if you do the same for them).

For those of you amazing parents who are not on Facebook - you are better people than we are.
Don't worry. You can join our mailing list instead.
Our Vision
Moms as directors. Moms as writers. Moms as producers, editors, cinematographers. Moms as gaffers and grips, production designers and casting directors, colorists and composers, makeup artists, animators, actors, ACs, ADs, PAs, stuntwomen.

Moms telling the stories that shape our culture.

Moms in Film.
Please consider making a donation in service of our mission. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
Call your mother. Then call us.
And by call, we mean email.
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