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"In 2017, a panel like this is so important. Our consciousness is shifting. I feel empowered!"
Motherhood & Filmmaking Panel with NYWIFT
We co-hosted a panel on Motherhood & Filmmaking at Neue House with New York Women in Film & Television. We talked about mom guilt, how some women won't admit they are moms due to the fear of being seen as a liability, and how socio-economic status affects motherhood in our industry. A much needed conversation, including personal insights by panelists Squeaky Moore, Emelyn Stuart, and Amy Fox

At Neue House, NYC on November 16, 2017
Inaugural MiF award ceremony and one-year anniversary celebration
A celebration for parent-filmmakers and their supporters, honoring Marielle Heller, with speeches by Emily Bergl and David Paterson and entertainment by Kat Cunning. The award is a sculpture by Barbara Lubliner titled "Mother and Child."

At the Players, NYC on April 18, 2017
SXSW panel: Parenthood & Filmmaking
A lively conversation with producer David Hartstein, cinematographer Amy Bench, and Moms-in-Film duo Mathilde Dratwa and Christy Lamb. Watch the video.

At SXSW in Austin, TX on March 13, 2017
New York
"This isn't a meetup. It's a movement." - Christy Lamb
In Conversation: Michèle Stephenson
Michèle is a powerhouse. Parent, artist and activist, she fuels each of her roles with passion, acuity of vision and discernment. We watched excerpts of her films and talked about her experience documenting her own family life as her sons were growing up, her experience dealing with race within the educational system in New York City, and the ways in which she structures her work in order to remain present for her family. Listen to the highlights in our 40-minute podcast "There is power in exposing our vulnerabilities."

At InterfaceNYC on January 9, 2017
In Conversation: Jamie Zelermyer
Jamie discussed her career trajectory and the impact that her two sons have had on her work. From Focus Features to the board of NYWIFT, motherhood has created opportunities for Jamie to pursue non-traditional film opportunities. She discusses her exciting upcoming projects and her belief in the value of mentorship. Listen to the highlights in our 20-minute podcast, "Only you can find that balance."

At The Women's Lab, Center for Social Innovation on September 20, 2016
In Conversation: Brooke Berman and Elissa Strauss
Brooke and Elissa answered our questions and discussed the challenges facing mothers in the industry, the representation of motherhood in film and television, the need to politicize childcare, and the pitching process. Listen to the highlights in our 30-minute podcast, "Let's be an army."

At InterfaceNYC on June 21, 2016
Tribeca: our inaugural meetup
During the Tribeca Film Festival, we gathered to exchange stories and discuss next steps.

At Advomatic on April 24, 2016
Los Angeles
"The idea that it's okay to be a mom and a filmmaker is revolutionary." - Sarah Solemani
Jennifer Dehghan at Collab&Play
Production Designer and Art Director Jennifer Dehghan talks feminism and motherhood. She shares insights from all the film sets she's been on, including most recently Sofia Coppola's THE BEGUILED. Did you miss it? Don't worry, the highlights are available in our 45-minute podcast "Working on the Beguiled 'was really like a merging of family and work'"
Sarah Solemani at Collab&Play
Sarah Solemani, BAFTA winning actress, stops by to discuss her transatlantic career and her experience as a mother and a creative force. She tells her story using her unique, intimate, honest, and often irreverent voice, talking about the kind of mother she is (and wants to be) and what it's like to often find herself working as the only female in a boy's club. Listen to the highlights in our 45-minute podcast "The idea it's okay to be a mom and filmmaker is revolutionary".
Keirda Bahruth at Collab&Play
Keirda Bahruth stops by Collab&Play in LA to discuss her three films and the continuing struggle to define her identity as both a parent and filmmaker. Listen to the highlights in our 30-minute podcast "Mom-filmmaker or Filmmaker-mom?"
Echo Park Lake: first LA meetup
Some of LA's finest moms in film gathered at Echo Park Lake to chat challenges of making films while raising children, brainstorm resources, share a picnic and posit the strength we possess as mamas and as a larger community of women filmmakers.
San Francisco
First SF meetup
At the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter's first meetup, members had an opportunity to meet, share and organize.

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