free childcare for filmmakers at SXSW
The Wee Wagon Project
The film industry's first mobile childcare unit.

Why mobile? So that it can be used on film sets as well as at film festivals. This flexible solution is poised to be the single most effective way of fighting film's gender problem, as well as helping women over 35 stay in the industry. But of course, it's a practical solution for parents of any gender.

Moms-in-Film is thrilled to have provided free childcare to parent-filmmakers at SXSW in the Wee Wagon, thanks to a 2017 SXSW Community Grant.
The Wee Wagon was stationed outside the ZACH theatre and always staffed by 2 early childhood professionals from Collab & Play, LA's first co-working space with on-site childcare, who engaged and played with the children. Collab&Play cared for up to 5 children at a time in the Wee Wagon.

The Wee Wagon was also a place to come meet other parents in the industry, or a quiet place to pump or nurse.
Watch the video of our panel, Parenthood & Filmmaking: Something's Gotta Give (SXSW 2017):
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Read this BBC article about it, or our own guest blog on Women and Hollywood in which we recap the SXSW experience.
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