MiF #DeliverChange campaign
Moms-in-Film's efforts aim to bring about the type of change we are desperately seeking in the entertainment business.

We're lobbying for shorter work hours,
we're bringing childcare to film festivals and film sets
and we're hosting meetups for the MiF community in LA, NY, SF, DC and Chicago.

Fundraising deadline:
Moms-in-Film is a bicoastal organization dedicated to energizing the carers of mothers in film and television.
In 2017, we provided free childcare at SXSW. Here's what parents had to say.
"A game changer in the fight for gender equality" - Chris Shellen

"We all have to get together to improve things for parents in film. It's so important" - Ana Asensio, Most Beautiful Island (SXSW Jury Award Winner)

"I wouldn't be at SXSW if it wasn't for Moms-in-Film" - Foster Wilson

"Dope" - the Stranger Fruit team.

Moms-in-Film in the press
"There is a clear and direct link between gender equality and family-friendly practices that is easily overlooked"
- The Hollywood Reporter

"Is Child Care the Answer to Hollywood's Gender Gap?"

"Simply by adopting parent-friendly practices, Hollywood would be all but guaranteed an increase in its female workforce"
- LA Times

"Having child care available nearby can make all the difference when it comes to supporting parents in the industry."
- The Wrap
The industry is ready for a revolution. Be a part of it.

All donations are tax deductible.
Get in touch: hello@momsinfilm.org
When you're creatively satisfied, you can put your best foot forward with your child. Anyone who gives up too much can start to suffer, and kids can feel that. I've been thinking a lot about possible solutions lately.
Rachel Morrison, DP: Mudbound, Fruitvale Station, Dope, Black Panther
The fact that Moms-in-Film is claiming, declaring, demanding that it's okay to be a mom and a filmmaker is revolutionary.
Sarah Solemani, Actress: Bridget Jones's Baby, The Wrong Mans, Him & Her
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