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About Moms-in-Film
Welcome! Moms-in-Film is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing parents in the film and television industry with community, funding, and advocacy.

In addition to hosting regular child-friendly meet-ups for parents and caregivers of all gender identities, we created The Wee Wagon - a mobile childcare unit designed for use on film sets.

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Our Vision and Mission
Moms as directors. Moms as writers. Moms as producers, editors, cinematographers. Moms as gaffers and grips, production designers and casting directors, colorists and composers, makeup artists, animators, actors, ACs, ADs, PAs, and stuntwomen. We want to see a world where Moms are telling the stories that shape our culture.

We energize the careers of mothers in film and television by providing community, funding, and advocacy. We work to unite all parents in the fight for gender equality. We stand up for gender equality and fight for a more diverse industry. We show up for each other. We hire each other. We welcome parents and carers of all ages and gender identities.

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