Moms-in-Film Believes in Justice for All
*BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color
From: Moms-in-Film Executive Committee
Re: Social Justice Solidarity Statement
Date: July 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter. The marches may have slowed but the marathon continues.

Moms-in-Film has always stood for representation and inclusion. In light of the recent focus being placed upon the targeted discrimination and injustices suffered by BIPOC* individuals, we have rededicated ourselves to these principles, and are doing the work necessary to bring forth sustainable change -- within our organization, our industry, and our communities-at-large.

Over the next few months, you will see Moms-in-Film spearheading organizational initiatives and supporting the efforts of allies. Understanding that, with proper implementation, our industry has immeasurable potential for anti-racist impact, we are seeking new ways to immerse ourselves in the forthcoming conversations about "resuming production" and reframing the notion of "business as usual."

As we work to shape a new reality for our industry, we intend to pay special attention to our peers who identify as BIPOC. Some of our endeavors will include, but are not limited to:

  • Research and Reporting: In an effort to shape the "new normal" of industry operations, Moms-in-Film aims to collect, analyze, and report on data related to the intersectionalities of race, gender, and "parent penalties" in the film business. After, our survey findings will be compiled into a series of comprehensive reports, detailing best practices for increasing access to opportunity for mothers and caregivers working in the film and television industry; especially, though not limited to, moms and caregivers who identify as BIPOC.
  • Advocacy: Using applied methodology rather than theoretical reporting, our survey findings will be strategically disseminated to industry gatekeepers and decision-makers, offering them practical interventions and proactive measures for addressing the pain points revealed by our research, as well as those previously identified by Moms-in-Film.
  • Education: In addition to our research, reporting, and advocacy efforts, Moms-in-Film will be working diligently to fully leverage our influence among industry decision-makers and key players. By streamlining and amplifying best practices for the preparation, placement, and advancement of our most marginalized demographics -- and supporting their opportunities for executive placement -- we exponentially enhance our chances for change, within our industry and our communities.
  • Community: Our organization is growing. We are actively working to expand our existing chapters and create new ones; including, at-large and e-chapters for those not in our direct service jurisdictions. Likewise, we are partnering with various co-ed production patrons to create #FilmFathers and #FamilyFriendlyFilms spaces that foster communication and support. Through these channels, we aim to expand our reach, foster community, and create direct lines to those previously without access to opportunities.
  • Administrative Oversight: Because we, at Moms-in-Film, are wholly vested in being the change we wish to see, we are taking direct action to align with our sentiments. As we work diligently to foster systemic shifts, both vertically and laterally throughout the production ecosphere, we recognize how important it will be for us to lead by example -- beginning with our executive body.

    Effective Thursday, 2 July 2020, we reconstructed our board to better reflect the diverse composition of our organization and our industry -- ensuring that every voice is heard. Our Board, though still growing, is presently reflected as below:
      In conclusion, let it be known that Moms-in-Film strives to be THE front-running thought-leader for issues related to equity, justice, opportunity, and access/inclusion within the motion picture production community. From re-imagining our organizational composition and administrative operations to revitalizing programs and launching national initiatives, Moms-in-Film intends to demonstrate firsthand the immeasurable value of celebrating diverse voices and building bridges across communities.

      We, at Moms-in-Film, understand that the unrelenting work to unite all parents in the fight for equality begins with us; and it only makes sense, since parents and caregivers are the world's first teachers. It's with us that our children take their first steps; learning to walk before they run.

      In the coming days, we anticipate that the pace of reflections will quicken and change will come at a sprint. Join us as we do our part in taking the first step and helping others to do the same.
      July 17/ 2020

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