The Wee Wagon is the film industry's first mobile childcare unit. Designed for maximum flexibility it can be deployed on both film sets and at film festivals. It serves as both a fully functional childcare center and oasis for nursing mothers.

The Wee Wagon Project launched at SXSW 2017. Thanks to a SXSW Community Grant and through a partnership with Collab&Play - LA's first co-working space with on-site childcare - Moms-in-Film was able to station a Wee Wagon outside of the Zach Theater where it provided free childcare to filmmakers attending the festival.

The Wee Wagon returned a year later - this time utilizing a more stationary model - at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. As an in-kind supporter of the Festival, Moms-in-Film once again partnered with Collab&Play as well as the Park City Community Church in order to offer complimentary childcare to attendees of the festival.

Since debuting, Moms-in-Film has begun to develop an independent social enterprise that supports the Moms-in-Film is currently in the midst of launching an independent social enterprise that supports the development of a fleet of these modular care units.

Read on for testimonials about the Wee Wagon from professionals in the industry and to see photos of the Wee Wagon in action. If you are interested in bringing a Wee Wagon to your set, studio or beyond, email us at
It's such an incredible opportunity to have a film in a major festival but not only do you take time off from work to attend these events, but you also have to find local childcare or travel with a babysitter so that you can network and promote the film. All of this can be prohibitively expensive which is why the Wee Wagon Project is one of many great solutions by Moms-in-Film for so many of us mothers in the filmmaking field.
Rachel Morrison
(DP, Dope, Mudbound, Fruitvale Station, Black Panther)
"A game changer in the fight for gender equality"
- Chris Shellen

"We all have to get together to improve things for parents in film. It's so important"
- Ana Asensio, Most Beautiful Island (SXSW Jury Award Winner)

"I wouldn't be at SXSW if it wasn't for Moms-in-Film"
- Foster Wilson

- the Stranger Fruit team.

"An oasis for families."
- Iris Ishicho
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